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What is Reiki?

Updated: Feb 22

Reiki is a gentle approach to energy healing through light touch. We hold energy in and around our bodies and when those become unbalanced: it can lead to other issues in our wellness leaking into the mind, body and spirit. The best way to explore it is to experience it with a Reiki Practitioner. It can be relaxing, energizing, or even releasing, every session is individual. Stay wildly curious.

Monday bookings for Reiki at Metta and Shanti LLC BOOK HERE

*What to expect for a session: wear comfy clothes, only shoes are asked to be removed for comfort. A temperature controlled massage bed and blanket are provided. 1 hour total. Permission to use sage smudging, aromatherapy, and setting up a Reiki crystal energy board for the client are offered but not required if it does not fit the clients needs. Meditative music provided to enhance the experience.

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